PPP Real Estate is real estate agency and business broker which operates in the Phuket area. We offer the whole real estate service to our customers so they don´t have to worry about the paper work concerning the property transactions in Thailand. We also help customers for example with furnishing, interior decoration and house maintenance.

Besides condos and villas we also have businesses and land for sale. By pressing "FOR SALE" -link above you get to view our properties. REMEMBER THAT IF YOU CAN´T FIND A PROPERTY SUITABLE FOR YOU, CONTACT US AND WE WILL FIND IT FOR YOU! We also offer rental apartment services for longer stays or vacations.

On our "INFO" -page you find useful information about buying a property in Thailand. There you can also find a map of Phuket and a currency converter.

Contact us and let´s find a property just for you!

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PPP Real Estate -team